Friday, 1 May 2015


Today's post is going to be very different from my other ones but i really wanted to do it. May is a hard month for me and every year I dread it coming. One of the reasons I dread May so much is because it's the month where my beloved Nan passed away. Today would of been her 85th birthday. 10 years ago on the seventh of May she sadly took her last breaths. Today I wanted to remember what a beautiful women she truly was. 

Barbara May Walters. 10 years ago our family was broken in two a women that was so strong was taking away from us from the Evil C word. I was 12 and I remember hearing those words and just didn't believe it. I remembered thinking that you where not going to be there for my 18th 21st the day I got married or the the day I gave birth to my first child and it hurt so much. I couldn't understand why you where taking from us so soon. The little memory's I have of us I will cherish forever. The times where you took me shopping or the time I slept over and you just looked after me so well I didn't want go back. The times where you made me laugh. Oh and how could I forget the times where I did your hair and we'd laugh about me becoming a hairdresser because I was so rough. Even though I've forgotten your smell some of the little things you did the one thing I will never forget is your smile. Even when you where at your worst your smile lit the whole room up. When you where here we all took you for granted but it definitely taught us how to keep the most special people cherished. I know your up there looking down and looking upon us with your beloved husband and your sisters and mum. Even though your not here to celebrate with us your definitely in our hearts. I can't believe it's been 10years since i last hugged you or spoke to you. Crazy how times fly. You where like my mother. Second mother but a grandmother all in one. I love you Nan and I wish you where here so I could say lt to your face. Happy 85th birthday. I know tonight you'll be the brightest shining star I'll  look out for it and give you a flying kiss. 

I got really emotional writing this post but that's because it came from my heart. She was amazing and like most people losing the people they love hurts like crazy it doesn't matter how long it's been    . It's very personal and I don't expect anyone to read it but I really wanted to put it up to Remember her and for me to look back on.  


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