Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My first lush experience.

I did it I finally did it. I went into a lush store. The smell was very overpowering and made me feel a little sick but that didn't stop me from having a good mooch around. I brought from lush last Christmas but it was an online order. I really wasn't impressed with how it came and some of it was broken. And I forgot I had it and and when I remembered about it a couple of months later it looked funny so I never had the chance to use it. But everyone raves about it so I really wanted to try it. The customer service was really amazing. Her name was Sarah and she made me feel comfortable looking around and she was always on hand if I wanted any advice. I was looking around for a while. But I knew that I only wanted to buy one bath ballistic. I didn't want to buy loads and not like it. I went with Think pink it looks beautiful and smells amazing. This cost me £2.65. I was so overwhelmed at how much stuff there actually was. From face masks to shampoo. You can get literally everything in there. I was most impressed with the makeup. My eyes definintly popped out when I saw it. I definintly have my eyes on the lipsticks. They look incredible. After a good fifteen mins of looking around I finally went to the tills. she gave me some samples and was very genrous with them. I can't wait to try them all out. I used the bath ballistic tonight and it was so lovely. Left the skin soft smelt beautiful And little white  hearts came out when it was fizzing away. I will be definintly getting it again.  I had such an amazing first experience in lush and I can't wait to go back. I know ever or most people know why a lush store looks like but I took lots of pics. This post is going to be picture heavy. 


  1. I absolutely love Lush, but I agree with you about the overpowering scent in-store as it's given me a headache a couple of times! I've only ever tried bath products from them before, but I'm intrigued about the makeup range!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty