Monday, 18 May 2015

Makeup revolution. My thoughts.

I'm currently writing this with a massive headache because yet again I've ate to many cakes. I never learn. After a month or so of buying some these hyped makeup products I thought I would tell you my thoughts. Makeup revolutions is the most hyped about brand there is at the moment. Especially withen the drugstore world. Or should I say chemist as I'm not American. I was really excited to try it all out. First of all I'm going to discuss the concealer palette. I'm not even joking when I say I've nearly finished two of the concealer pans. I've been obsessed with it and it's like everyone else said it's pretty amazing. It hides everything I want it to hide. The only thing is that it does get a bit cakey. But that's my fault because I do go a tiny bit mad   Its definintly a hit for me and I will be buying it again. Next is the blush sugar and spice palette. And this has been A massive hit. I don't use anything else. I use it to contour highlight and blush. It's really pigmented ans tiny bit goes a long way. This is definitely going to be repurchased. Next are lipsticks. They cost a £1 and that's what you get. I have used them a little bit not as often as I should of because I've been obsessing over other lipsticks. But what I've seen I like. The only con is that it comes of really easy. The eyeliner and eye highlighter. I've been loving the eyeliner and it creates the most gorgeous flicks. The highlighter eyeliner broke in a day but that's because of my heavy hammer hands. I'm going to get another one. Lastly it's the iconic 3 palette. I've used this once and there's reasons why I've used it once. I Found it to be very non pigmented and it took me a while to create the looks I wanted. I'm definintly going to give it another go and hopefully I change my mind on it. So is makeup revolution worth the hype. I definintly think it is. From the prices to the products they definintly don't disappoint. I'm very happy with the brand. I'm so looking forward on building my Makeup revolution collection. 


  1. Ah I am so tempted by MR! Such lovely products and not expensive!
    Also HELLO long time no speak! Hope you're well!