Sunday, 10 May 2015

Living with an invisible illness.

        Today I wanted to talk abit about living with an invisible illness. When I say that I have struggle with MH illness people look at me like I'm talking a language they don't understand. I always have people say to me. How do you have that when you don't look ill. Yes I look perfectly well and I'm physically well but that doesn't mean that I don't struggle mentally and because people can't see it I get judged. I got judged by work collegeues, friends and the People that you would think that would stand by you. And family. They all thought it was a phase a phase I would get over in a week or two. But it doesn't work like that. 8 years on and I still struggle daily. It's a battle that I have to fight every day. Because you can't see it your deemed fit for the world and you can conquer everything that comes in your way. Anxiety and depression doesn't work that way and it definitely makes you want to curl in a ball and forget about everyone and everything. It makes you sad because of all the opportunities you miss out on. You get angry and Sad because everyone is constantly on your case and making you feel worthless because you can't do what normal people do and lastly you want to give up on yourself daily because you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But where all well because we don't look ill. Ohh I wish I was because living a life with a Mental illness is a draining situation which you makes you want to cry and cry. But you can't because not everyone has the support around them so we, We have to pick ourselfs up daily and remind myself  that I can do it. I'm lucky that I have supportive friends but they live far away from me. But there daily support makes my day a little brighter. Just because someone looks well please don't assume they are. I love this saying it and it applys to everthing in life. Never judge a book by its cover. Nothing is ever as simple as it looks. If you are struggling with a mental illness please reach out for support. Don't suffer in silence. 


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