Sunday, 31 May 2015

Life in May.

As where coming to the end of May I thought I would sum it up. It's been a weird upsetting and good month all in one. I'll start with the positives. This month I knew I really wanted to go away for a little bit. So I went to Worcester and what a wonderful week it was. I went into a lush store and loved it. I went on many walks because it was so beautiful and I definitely needed the pictures. I went out at night and had to many burgers. But it was such a wonderful week away. I've really got into taking outfit pictures. And I'm starting to get confident in sharing my style and shape. I started therapy again. And that's something I really needed to do to move on. So far so good. I also went to a fair which I usually avoid but I thought I would challenge myself. I'm glad I did because the first night didn't go well but the second night I loved it and had an amazing time. The final positive is that I've been loving my nude lipsticks and brought a new one a couple of days ago. The things that have made me sad. I have two horrible things which i dread every year. I got over it and let myself have down days when the days came. I came out of it on the postive side. So that's my May all summed up. I can't believe it's June tomorrow. It all goes so fast once you get older. Time waits for no one. June is my birthday month. There's some little things I would like to achieve in June but I'm going to keep that to myself for a little while. Hope everyone has had a good May. 
What's been your highlight of the month.  


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