Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Walk in the Sunshine. ( OOTD )

Today I braved taking pictures in busy town. It was a Saturday afternoon and most people where out. It definintly paid off because my pictures came out pretty good. I love when it reaches the middle of May the sun comes and more often and it gets warmer. Today's outfit was definintly a chuck on kind of one. I'm in love with gypsy tops this year and I have collected quite few. The one I'm wearing is from Primark and it was £5 you can still get it now. My ripped skinny jeans are from New Look, these we're in the sale so I'm not sure if they have them anymore. My gorgeous kimono is from New Look that cost £25 and they still should have that in there. My sandles a from Primark they cost £4 and finally my handbag is from Primark it's a couple of years old so I'm sure you can't get it anymore. 


  1. I always find the nest deals and Primark haha. Also, love the kimono! I've always wanted to try one but I'm not sure how much I could rock it

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  2. Ah how stunning do you look?! I can never find anything in Primark so I am very envious!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers