Monday, 25 May 2015

A little break and sightseeing.

A couple of days ago I decided to take a little break for myself. Recently my life has been so hectic. I chose somewhere that wasn't so far away from my home town. As I'm not to confident on traveling to far out just yet. I chose Worcester. It's a 40 min drive from where I live. So it's not to close but close enough if I just want to go back home. The scenery on the way up was so breathtakingly beautiful. I was literally hanging out of the window taking pictures. I probably looked very weird. But I had to take the pictures. Where i live the town isn't amazing it has got better. But Worcester shopping centre is amazing. If your a shopping addict like me you'll be in your element. They have a Lush store and that made me scream a little because I've never seen it been in a lush before. The scent is very overpowering and I had to get out of there because it made me feel sick but I'm glad I went in and had a mooch around. There's some beautiful sights. The Chruchs and the cathedrals are so beautiful. I've never looked so much like a tourist as much as I have here. But I'm very much enjoying myself. The night life is crazy and the food is just amazing. Well I think all food is amazing. Going for a break is just amazing. It really is good just to be away from every day life. I'm going to leave you with some breathtaking photos of all the scenery. Beware there are a lot of photos. 


  1. Ah your photos are lovely! I think having a little break away is always a great thing to do. A change of scenery does wonders and it always makes me think and become a little bit more motivated if that makes sense! haha. Glad you've found a great place! x

  2. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos! I'm glad you enjoyed your short break, sometimes they're just what you need to calm down, (excuse the hippiness of this...) get in touch with your soul and get motivated again! This looks like the perfect place :)

    Shannon xx |

  3. Breaks are the best! Nothing better than just breathing some new fresh air, stress free!
    Love Vicki |