Sunday, 17 May 2015

A day out.

Yesterday as it was beautiful weather me and my mum and sister wondered into town to have a wonder. I wasn't going to blog this but as yesterday was such an amazing day for me I thought I would. When I say amazing I mean that I final sat outside a restaurant and ate a meal with my family. That's something I haven't been able to do for four years because of Anxitey. Anyone that knows me knows that I've struggled with it pretty bad. Recently well a month or so I've been really working on myself and trying to get myself into good place where I can do normal things and have a life. Finally I have made some progress and yesterday it showed that hard work pays off. I didn't even think about Anxitey. I distracted and had an amazing lunch. I'm pretty proud of myself and I hope if I carry on with the hard work that it continues to get better.  Here's some pictures of the yummy food I had before I devoured it. It's was so yummy. I love Frankie and Bennys. 

And here's and outfit of the day even though I posted it yesterday.


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