Saturday, 18 April 2015

Two MAC lipsticks.


I've wanted more MAC lipsticks for a while. But I've never really had the money to go and buy some. I've had My MAC chatterbox for over a year and still love it but wanted a change. So a couple of days ago. I decided I wanted to treat myself and get two Lipsticks. So I went in Twitter and asked what people's favourites where. And Brave came up. I went into the website and instantly fell in love with it so I ordered it and then I ordered flamingo. They are both beautiful shades and I'm in love with them. I love brave more because it's a deep Nude which I love. Flamingo is a peachy pink which is perfect for Summer. They where £15.50 each. Which is pretty pricy for a lot of people but treating yourself definitely needs to happen every now and again. 

As you can see there both beautiful colours. 


  1. Flamingo looks lovely, I was tempted to pick it up the other day but I chosen New York Apple instead! Great post x

    Toni x

  2. Such good choices! Brave is a new favourite of mine, it looks amazing on you though :) xx