Friday, 10 April 2015

Collection eyes uncovered ( Nude Bronze)

I first saw these when a couple of youtubers I watch where talking about them. At first I wasn't really interested in them because I had so many similar palettes that I loved. But a couple of days ago I had to pick one up. I really wanted the Nude bronze one because I like the shades more. But there are a couple more palettes you can pick up. This palettes consists of shimmer warmer bronze colours which I love. It definitely reminds me of the Naked Palettes. So if you can't afford them why not pick one of these. This palette is perfect for creating a nude bronze smokey eye. Which I have done a couple of times. I didn't realise till now that the shades are named. From Left to right I will name them. Ivory mink ochre golden brown Ember nutty. This palette was £3.99 from super drug. You can also pick this up from boots. I definitely recommend this palette amazing products to amazing prices. 


  1. What a pretty little palette xx
    Love Vicki |

  2. I just read another post about this palette today, I really want it now! xx