Friday, 27 March 2015

New Beginnings

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Hey lovelies. I've been absent from here for a while it wasn't planned. First off all i just would like to say a massive Thank You to all my loyal followers who have stuck by me and my blog. It really does mean a lot to me. Today's post wasn't planned and i wasn't even going to do one. But i really wanted to come on here and explain. If you follow me on social media you will know that I've been super busy. A few month ago my my mum put the family home up for sale just because she thought it was the right time to do it. It sold pretty quick and these past two weeks we've been in major packing mode. I actually can't believe how much stuff i have. Most of it's gone in the bin. I'm so excited but pretty nervous to set up somewhere else when this home has been my comfort zone for the past 15 years which is a very long time. I thought i would let you all know what's been going on so that you know where I am. I'm not going to be posting on here for a while. From packing to unpacking to job hunting and settling in there isn't going to be time. I love this space on the internet but 'real life' has to come first. This is so important for me to make this fresh start and leave all the rubbish when i leave on Monday morning. I will still be posting on my Social media accounts so if you want to see what I''m up to follow me there. Once again i just want to say a massive Thank you and you'll see me back in know time. 


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