Saturday, 17 January 2015

My top 3 lipsticks I'm currently loving #1

I have a brand new blog design. Have you seen it. I love it. For ages i wanted a brand new design . This year i really wanted to take blogging more seriously so wanted a fresh professional design with a hint of girlishness. I'm a sucker for a bit of Pink. I just want to say a massive thank you to Becky she did everything and more to create this gorgeous blog design. If you're not already following her here's her link Becky's blog  .

Like i said earlier i really want to take my blog serious and make it more better then i have done. Today's post is going to be my top three lipsticks i'm loving. I think out of all the makeup products you can buy. Lipsticks are definitely my favorite to buy. From the shades to there brands. I was recently searching  through my stash and pulled my oldish ones out to near the front so i get more use out of them. I'm definitely one of them girls who buy's more then they need and uses  them only once or twice. Half of my lipsticks are near the same colors which is pretty boring of me. When Spring and Summer come i definitely  need to go searching for some brighter and bolder colors to wear.

I love high end makeup but my bank doesn't so 5 times out of 10 i have to buy chemists ones just because there on the reasonable  side. Drugstore lipsticks are amazing and still high quality which is why i love buying more then i need. For the past month or so these are the top three lipsticks I've been reaching for.

The first one is the cheapest and it's MUA in shade Bare. It's very nude but you can build it up and make it more darker like the swatch on my hand. I prefer it lighter. This costs £1 and definitely won't break you're piggy bank. 

Natural collection do amazing lipsticks for a cheap price. When i go to my store it's more pinky/nude shades then any other shade which is okay with me because there my favorite kind of shades to buy. The shade name is Pink mallow and it's such a pretty light pink shade and this is the one I've been reaching for the most. They cost £1.99

My final one is a MAC lipstick. I'm always browsing the MAC site but i never usually  buy anything. I love there Lipsticks they do some gorgeous  shades. I have a couple of my wish list and hoping to buy one of them very soon. This was my first ever lipstick and i love it. The color is beautiful  and is suitable for any season. I would describe  it as a Medium  bold pink. It definitely  sits some where in between. I love the name to. It's very fitting to me. MAC is more on the pricey side with there lipsticks coming in at £15.50.

What are you're favorite lipsticks to buy. Any MAC lipsticks i need in my life. 
Any suggestions.


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