Saturday, 31 January 2015

Makeup Wishlist (High end)

High end beauty

Today i thought i would do a wishlist. I've seen so many people do these and i love reading them. I want so many things but i cut it down to my top six. There's so many beautiful products around and i want them all. Literally my eyes boggle every time i walk past a makeup counter. Unfortunately my bank doesn't agree with my needs for beautiful makeup. But there's always Birthdays Christmases and Payday treats, 

Of course Charlotte Tilbury is on my list. This brand has got to be the most talked about brand. Everyone raves and loves it. Always makes my eyes widen and i automatically get interested if they mention it. The two products i really want is the Film star bronze and glow this comes in at a whopping £49 pound which definitely makes my heart ache a little.  The next is the Luxury The Dolce Vita. This palette is the most gorgeous. The shades are totally something i would use everyday so would totally get the worth out of it. This comes in at £38.

The next product is the only Urban decay product i want at the moment and it's the Naked on the Run. How amazing is this Palette. My naked 3 recently smashed which I'm, so gutted about. So I', really thinking about getting this as a little treat. This comes in at £37.

I've always wanted to try Dior. There products look beautiful. There Star foundation looks amazing and thats on top of my list because I'm always after a really good foundation. This comes in at £32

TOM FORD lipsticks have been on my wishlist for a while now but i keep umming about spending all that money on one lipstick. I think it's something i'm going to be asking for my birthday 

The final product is from Chanel  blush. I don't really mind what shade i get but i defiantly want a dusty pink shade. Chanel is just beautiful and i want most of there products.  

Here's my High end wishlist. I have so much more i want. I feel sorry for my poor bank,

What's on you're wishlist.


  1. Lovely high end picks Amy, it's a bank crying moment when you buy them but I'm sure you will love whatever you get, I really want a Tom Ford Lippie to bit can't yet bring myself to part with the cash for one yet, i might put it on my birthday list to ha ha::: and totally with you on chanel lush xx


  2. Great picks! I've also been eyeing-up the CT Filmstar Bronze & Glow, it'll be perfect for the summertime. I have the 'Dolce Vita' palette and it's one of my favourites from my whole, makeup collection! The texture of the shadows is just unbeatable and I'd buy all the quads in the range if I had the money! I have a couple of Tom Ford lipsticks, but I luckily received them as gifts, so I didn't have any buyer's-guilt! They're literally amazing too, being so rich and creamy!