Sunday, 4 January 2015

A simple winter look using my Naked 3

Happy New year. Can't believe i haven't posted yet. It's crazy to say its 2015. I was going to do what i got for Christmas  but i just couldn't get the pictures right. So i couldn't do that. So i thought i would do a simple makeup look using my Naked 3 palette.

I have done a review on this this palette and i love it. Its perfect. So i thought i would use that to create a simple eye look. Winter makeup can either be dark or light and today i went for the lighter side. I'm a massive fan of the dark lips and really bold eyes but i also love love simpler eyes and nude/pinkish lips.

All the products i used were chemist brought apart from the Naked 3 and my naked flushed palette.

This look really does pop out blue eyes and makes them shine and I'm sure it would do that with any eye color. The nude/pinkish lip is gorgeous and gives the eyes time to shine. I went with a light contour with a light blush with a tiny bit of highlighter. 

the colors i used to create the eye look were. Dust,buzz,Nooner, with a tiny bit of liar i then added a tiny bit of black-heart in a v shape to give the look some dimension. To highlight my brow bone i added Strange,

You can do so many looks with this palette which is why i love it. Perfect for Winter,Spring,Summer.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think.

Have you got the Naked 3.


  1. You look really lovely, pretty look for winter xx

  2. What is on your lips looks lovely x

    1. It's a number 17 lip crayon. Not to sure on the shade sorry honey.

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