Saturday, 13 December 2014

My Little box Featuring Fleur De Force

I have had a couple of these boxes over the past couple of months. But this one i was very excited for. Because Fleur De Force was featuring. I think everyone know's who this gorgeous young lady is. And if you don't you definitely need to go and check her out.

What i love about these boxes is the designs. They are just beautiful and unlike any other subscription box you can get. I've got a very cute idea on how to store these boxes and i will get back with that post when I've had a couple more of them. Keep you're eyes peeled.

This is what the box looks like in side. i must admit that i had previously opened this and not everything is in order. I just couldn't help myself sorry. But it is beautifully  packaged. Which i love and it's super girly which is perfect for Girly girl like me.

When i saw these i let out a little yelp. I must admit i'm not the most creative person when it comes to wrapping. I but £1 wrapping paper and make do with that (Shame Face) But this year I'm going to try my best and not do that because everyone i know wrap amazing and so pretty. So i was very happy when i saw the String labels and  the Tape. So festive. Now i don't have any excuse to start some of my wrapping. I always leave my wrapping till the last minute and regret it EVERY year.

How amazing do these products come packaged. Just amazing the time and effort this company take on there presentation. I was so excited to see what i had got this month.
the first product i pulled out was this COWSHED lotion. I'm going to be honest and say I've never heard of this before and i was slightly confused when i pulled it out. But i read it and it makes perfect sense. Definitly looking forward to  trying it out. If you're interested in buying it its £18 for 100ml.
The next thing i pulled out was l,Occitane  creme. I do no this brand but I've tried anything from them. But i'm looking forward to trying it. When i looked at the price my eyes did Bulge a little. I'm definitely going to make this little pot last as much as i can because £45 for a 50ml. The last product was this Lipstick. I can definitly say this box as been a month of firsts because I've never tried any of these products. But this Lipstick is Gorgeous a beautiful red/pinky shade which is perfect for this festive season. This comes in at £15 which isn''t bad at all. 

My little present this month is this lovely headband. I'm not even joking when i say my Mum has had it on all day. She loves it. Keeps her warm in this chilly weather. I think i'm going to let her keep it because she  really does love it.

I've had a read through the mag and went straight to Fleur bit. I have to say she is in top five favorite you tubers. I love her style how she does her makeup and how down to earth she is. One thing which is hard to come by now is that shes not a show off. She's a down to earth lovely women. I love her main channel but i love her Vlog's. I really want a little piglet now. She deserves every success that comes her way. I've even got my Mum and Sister watching her and they Love her to. 

I love my little box and i can't wait for next months.


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