Monday, 22 December 2014

L'oreal LA Nude palette in Rose

3 days till Christmas and I'm crazy busy from wrapping cleaning to spending time with family. I do love the festive season but it does get so busy. I'm trying to draft quite a few posts so i can spend time with family without having the worry of not posting. I've finally got my blogging mojo back and i don't want to lose it again. 

Today's post is quite exciting. At the moment i have a thing about buying palettes. I just think there so much better then buying the single shadows. I didn't even know L'oreal had brought a palette out. I brought this the same time i brought my Naked 3. I knew i didn't need it but i just had to buy it. My mum thought i was crazy. I will probably give this to my sister or just share it. I don't need another palette. But for £14.99 i just couldn't resist. 

The colors are so beautiful. I didn't notice this before someone said it to me but the shades go from A/W To S/S. How amazing is that. If you're not into buying loads of palettes and don't have the money to keep buying loads of different shadows. This Palette is perfect for you. The price is reasonable and the shades are so beautiful. There all matte expect one i think. And there really pigmented. I haven't used it properly yet. I'm really looking forward to using it. 

Do you have the Palette. What do you think of it.


  1. I have been so tempted by this palette but keep trying to convince myself I don't need it. Looks so bloody lovely though for such a good price. Great post hun!


    1. Treat yourself. It's a beauty. The price is amazing. Thanks honey

  2. I love this palette, it looks so nice! I think it's quite similar to the Naked 3 palette with the rose gold tones xx