Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Festive Nails/ Blogmas day 3

Blogmas day 3. It's going quite quick and i haven't actually ran out of ideas yet. This is going to be my last festive post for a day or two. I'll give you a break from it. Today is going to be festive nails. Yet again i used my mum nail's for this look. My nails aren't very nice. Festive nails can be so funky and cool or you can go for the simple looks. I chose the simple look because I'm not most creative person and i don't have a steady hands. So all these cool designs have to take a back seat. You can get false ones which a really cool. I don't really like false nails that are just stuck on with glue because usually there not very good. The look i created is a red nail with a festive little charm on the index finger. Just gives it a festive look. The nail polish is L'oreal in shade EXQUISITE SCARLET. Which is the most beautiful shade of red. It definitely has a glossy finish which i love. The charms are from poundland. They were so cute so had to get them. The glue i used is from a set of false nails.


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