Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Decorations/ Blogmas day 1

It's been a whole month since i posted.  I haven't posted anything because I've had some super scary but excting things happening recently so I didn't want to put posts up that was just put up for the sake of it. But things have calmed down for now so i thought i would do blogmas. When i say I'm doing it I'm going to try my hardest to get a post up everyday. I did try last year but epcially failed.

Christmas in Our house hold is just amazing. From when i was a child to now when i'm an Adult. We just love Christmas like every other person. We decorated on the 28 of November this year which is a first for us. My mum has never let us decorate that early. It's always the 1st of December. But this year we kept on till she said yes. I must admit it didn't take her long to agree with us. Our tree is the most magical thing in the world. It's just beautiful and special to us. This year we have brought quite a few more decorations. My mum has gone a little mad with it. Bless her. I think you can gather that the first post of Blogmas is going to be about are Christmas Decorations. This is going to be really picture heavy. I will try my best to try and price everything for you just incase you want to go and get some yourself.

First of all I'm going to show you our tree. I don't know the price of the tree because we have had it for years. When i say years it's been about 10 years. It's done us proud.

Here's our tree. In the day and night when all the lights are on. Magical Right. It just gets us all excited. so beautiful. I'm going to go through some of the tree decorations. Well the new ones that you can still get. Well i think you can or you can get something similar.

First I'm going to do the Fairy at the top at the tree. We have had this a while but you can Definitly get something similar or the same one. I think this one was from a pound shop. It wasn't a pound though it was £2.99.

The little fairy was from wilkos and cost £1.50 and you can still get it. The gran one was brought in memory of our late gran who passed  years ago and that was from accessorize and cost four pound I don't think you can get this anymore but you could find something similar. The little Snowman in the globe was two pound from tiger.The last one is this cute Christmas mouse sitting on a pudding this was from accessorize and the same price. 

How cute are these. They are just sitting on our table in the living room. They cost three pound each and there from Tesco direct.

We always have things like this. It's perfect when you turn all the lights off for but Extra light. Its super cute and it costs three pound from Tiger.

I could go on and on with showing Everything but that would be a very long post. 

To have lovely Christmas decs you  don't have to spend loads. Our's were cheap and still are amazing. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what You're favorite part of decorating  is.


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