Friday, 19 December 2014

A Christmas Party makeup look.

It's 5 days till Christmas. I say it every year but it definitely does goes way faster when you're older. The excitement is still there though. Today's post i'm going to be doing a Party Christmas look. Christmas is definitely the season where people go mad for party's. I'm not a massive party person but i thought i would do a makeup look.

I haven't included pictures of what products i used just because i like to think that people will use what they have instead of thinking they will have to go out and buy every product i used. I will list them if anyone what's to no what i used.

Christmas party looks are all about having fun and using as much color and glitter as you can. I haven't used glitter just because it's highly annoying to get off. I used pink tones on my eyes because i think they make my blue eyes pop. My eyeliner is done more heavier then i usually do it. I've used bronzer and higlighter i didn't use any blusher but you can have if you want to. I used a light purple and a dark pink toned lipstick.

I love how it turned out and will definitely  wear it if i go to any party's

List of products.
Eyes Naked 3 palette 
eyeliner 2 true 
mascara Mary kay 
Blusher/highlighter. Naked flushed palette in Native
lips MUA lilac belle and Number 17 stick.

Hope you enjoyed this post.