Saturday, 1 November 2014

Top three A/W Nail Polishes.

Happy 1st of November everyone. It's crazy how fast this year has flown by. And what's even more crazy is. IT'S Christmas next month. Today I'm going to be showing you my Favorite three nail polishes of A/W so far. There's so many beautiful polishes out at the moment. I've been having a mooch around the shops and trying to stop myself from buying every single one i fall in love with. In the A/W months  i do go for the darker shades because i love it and it's so acceptable to wear in these months.


When i was having a mooch around boots i came across these collections. I was like oooh i haven't even heard of these before. Has my boots are really small they only had a a few collection of colors. I chose this color because it's perfect for this season. This was pricey for a chemist product. I did pick it up and put it down and that happened a couple more times and i just got it. I don't rarely buy nail polishes that are that expensive so i thought i would treat myself. I was going to write a review on it but i took a break and that never happened so i just thought i would include  it in this. This costs £7.99  
Barry m Silk collection

 I first saw this on Anna saccone vlog channel. She was wearing it and said what it was and i fell in love with it. Such a beautiful shade and perfect for this seasons. Goes on beautifully and drys really quick which is always a good thing. 

My final polish is another Barry m Silk collection  in Orchid. Party season is coming up and its definitely a perfect shade for partying it up. Yet again its a beautiful polish and perfect for this season.

Here's the swatches on what they actually look like on the nail. Such gorgeous shades.

What are you're favorite shades for A/W.


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