Thursday, 30 October 2014

Top Three Halloween films I love.

Most people love watching a good horror over Halloween to get them in the Spirit. I'm no different. When i was younger i used to LOVE them. I like them now but there are some i won't watch just because i get to scared.

 “Halloween” DVD

The first one is Halloween. How can i not inculde this. Not only is it named after Halloween its a pretty good movie. And we watch it every year without fail. I find this movie relies on atmosphere then Graphic horror. Which can be more scary because you don't know what to accept. I don't find this very gory either which is always good.

Saw is one of the most sickest Horror films Ever and i think that's why i love it. Because it's quite different from other horrors. It's plays with you're mind and VERY gory and disgusting. You don't want to be eating when when You're watching this film.

The final one. I HAD to add this one to collection. This one is child friendly. It's very comical and a very charming tale. It's perfect for Halloween  and any time of the year. If you haven't seen it go and watch it and if you have Children watch it with them. A fun way to end Halloween.

These are my top three. I could go on but i would be here forever.

What's you're favorite horror.


  1. Ah Hocus Pocus is the best! My friends were always obsessed with the Saw movies, but I was that annoying person who was always giggling through them! It takes a lot to spook me! haha x

  2. I loveeee Hocus Pocus! I shall be watching that tomorrow night for sure :)
    Great post hun!
    Hayley xoxo