Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I'm back

I'm back have you missed me. Its been 51 days since I last posted and even logged into my account. 51 days ago my heart and head couldn't even think about blogging. Just the thought of writing a post just worked me up. I took the decision to stop blogging completely and to forget about it. I thought that I would never get back into it. Quite a few times I tried to come back but I knew in my heart that I wasn't ready for the commitment. Sounds silly really but blogging is a commitment and does take a lot of time. Over my break of I've done a lot of thinking on what went wrong. When I started I loved it I kept posting multiple times of weeks and Even though the posts weren't high quality I was still proud of my work. I started comparing and that's what went wrong. I didn't like what mine looked like or what I was putting out there and then it was why isnt my followers going up and others were. I just got into a vicious circle and despaird blogging. With personal problems as well my love for blogging went out the window. I'm glad i did because if it didn't I would of just carried on with everything that I was doing and that wasn't healthy. Even though my blogging mojo isnt back fully its 85% which is good enough for me. I've finally realized blogging isn't a competition. I'm so excited to be back and to join this womdedfq community.


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