Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween Decorations

Today I'm going to show you how i decorated for Halloween. I think I've reached the age where i like to decorate for everything. With Halloween you can go big or small. I don't think that it's that common in the UK to go over bored with decorating for it.This year i was in the spirit and decided to go A bit more out there for it.

I've decided not to show everything. Just the bit's i really liked. We made three pumpkins this year which is very unusual for us because we usually stick to one. Pound world has been amazing on getting cheaper stuff. Everything we brought bar the Pumpkins and the little Ghost and Pumpkin were from there. Cheap and Cheerful as my mum likes to say. Quite a few people were posting these tea lights Pumpkin and ghost and i had to pick them up. They look so nice sitting on the window sill. We made the ghosts after watching Sprinkle of Glitters Halloween DIY video and thought the ghosts were such a cute way to deocrate. I'm really not a crafty person so i just let my mum make them. These to little wind up Ghost and Pumpkins were a pound each. We also brought some Fake candles because there so much safer especially when Trick or Treaters come to the door and might touch the Pumpkins. No one gets hurt that way. And the Pumpkins last longer. I think were going to grab a few more bits and i even might bake. If i do i will defiantly blog about it.

Do you decorate for Halloween.


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