Friday, 4 July 2014

Urban Decay Flushed palette (NATIVE)

I've been looking forward to writing my thoughts on this palette. Since i saw a few 'Big Youtubers' Showing it in there hauls i knew i had had to have it. I'm not really  usually like that just because high end comes with a hefty price that sometimes i can't justify paying that price for one product. But when it came down to this i didn't really mind what i payed for it. It did help that recently it was my birthday and i got some money to spend. Straight away i new what i was going to get. Urban Decay products are one of my Favorite high end brand. Just because there products are really good and there always packaged beautifully. Yes I'm a sucker when it comes down to nice packaging.

I went along to Debenhams where my nearest urban decay counter is and asked if they had it. They did and i was very pleased. The MUA there was very nice and complimented me on my Makeup and especially my bright lipstick. I was really worried going up to the counter because I've heard some right old horror stories. Well not quite horror but some not very nice experiences So i was going there prepared for the worst. But my first experiences was amazing and i felt really comfortable with them. They sat me down to see what shade suited me and then that was that. I walked out of there with a brand new spanking gorgeous palette. I opened it and fell in Love. It's so beautiful. 

The shade she matched me to was NATIVE. Which i think is for Pale skin girls. The swatch of the bronzer doesn't look like that after a tiny brush of the brush. I packed a whole lot on my hand. More then i needed to. It's really pigmented and just makes your contour blush and highlight look amazing. I knew i wouldn't be let down buy it and i was hopeful that when i got home it would look just as nice because they have them special lights and thank goodness it did. The only thing i would change is the Blusher. I don't no if i'm applying it to much but every time i use it. It goes on way to pink for my liking. But i really do think it's down to me being a right old hammer hands. 

I'm so glad i got it. It's perfect. It's amazing for traveling and it's so compact and it's perfect for it just to sit looking nice on your dressing table. I'ts definitely worth £22. I think i might even be naughty and pick another one up.

Have you got one. How do you like it.




  1. I am so jealous, I need to pick this little beauty up!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. This looks so pretty, and it's definitely the shade I would choose! I think I may have to pick this up when I'm in duty free in a couple of weeks! xx

    1. It is beautiful. Definitely do

  3. This looks gorgeous - I am off to duty free on Saturday, I think I may be picking this up!! x

    1. Everyone is going on Holiday and i'm totally jealous. Definitly do

  4. This looks so gorgeous! Hope you'll do a makeup look with it soon :) xxxx