Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My thoughts on the Real Techniques Palette (Modern Natural)

I'm back. And it feels really good to be writing up posts.

Today's post is going to be a review on this beautiful Palette. When i first heard of Real techniques bringing out two palettes i got quite excited. I'm a massive lover of there Makeup brushes. They brought two Palette's out. One was called Night owl and the other was called Modern Natural. I wanted both of them but i went for Modern Natural just because the shades were more subtle and i could wear it everyday.

As you can see the colors are really neutral and can be used for an everyday look as well as a night time look. I've swatched the colors so you can get an idea of what the colors look like on skin. 

The cream highlighter and the blush is such a gorgeous combination. The beautiful coral really compliments the highlighter. 

You also get two lip glosses with the palette.

The whole palette is amazing and I'm glad i bought it. Well i received it has a Birthday gift but anyways. The shadows are really pigmented and last a long time on you're eyes even without using Primer. There a perfect Matt shades which are perfect shades for a natural smokey eye. Anyone that is a lover of smokey eyes its perfect for you. The blush and the Highlighter is stunning and i'm not even joking when i say that it's such a perfect Summer time look. Who doesn't like Coral cheeks. They are both very pigmented and I'm literally in love with them both. The gel liner is okay but I'm not a massive fan of them and haven't really used it. The lip gloss is stunning to apply over any lipstick to give it some gloss. I wouldn't really wear them on there own just because they apply very lightly on the lip and as you all no i love my Bright lips.

The names of the eye shadows are.

Quick sand 
Gold metal 
Caramel Mocha 

The blush is called 
Coral Sunset 
The highlighter is called 

The two lip glosses are called 
Copper head 

And the Gel liner is called 
Dark chocolate 

I definitely recommend this palette to anyone. It's affordable and such good product. I'm definitely going to go and buy the Night Owl just because i think it would be perfect shades for The A/W months coming.

I also did a makeup Look using this palette 

As you can see this palette and the shades are beautiful.



  1. That looks lovely! This would be great for taking on holiday!

    Nikki x