Sunday, 20 July 2014

Date Night Makeup look.

You're probably very bored of seeing my face constantly appearing on here. But i love doing makeup looks. Today's one is a Date night look or First date. 

You can always go the extra mile for date nights make you're makeup more special then you're everyday makeup. Red lips and smokey eyes are really beautiful and i think somewhat sexy Or is that just me. I think that's one of the looks i love and if i could pull it off i would wear it everyday. But this look is kept for special occasions. Unfortunately i haven't been on a date in years and I'm not in a relationship 

I haven't showed you what i used just because i thought i would do something different. You can use any products you have to create this look and you can do it you're way.

First dates and date nights are special. So why not wear a makeup look that he/she won't forget.

Hope you enjoyed. What do you think of this look.