Monday, 2 June 2014

Recommend to a friend #Letstalkblogchallenge

Hey lovelies. Can you believe this is our last week of the challenge. It's scary how fast time goes. This weeks topic is Recommend a friend. It can be about everything and anything. Like always you can see Sarah's post here Sarah's blog I'm going to being doing beauty.

Alot of my friends aren't beauty fans and don't do much with skincare and all that. I''ll be honest i was never a makeup fan when i was in school it was at the beginning at college i started getting into it. When i'm out shopping with them i always try and get them to buy things or try new things out. It goes well until they see the price tag and they run out of the store. But I do like recommending the drugstore products just because there more friendly on your bank balance. 

Products i would recommend.
Skincare is so important to keep your skin looking healthy. I use the Garnier cleanser and toner and for moisturizer i use the Garnier moisture match for dry skin. So cheap and anyone could get on with them.

The foundation i recommend is the rimmel wake me up. It's amazing and makes your skin look alive. I haven't really found and an amazing concealer yet but the one i use is the MUA one and i love it. I don't use powder but drugstore have so many amazing ones to choose from 

I definitely recommend MUA products to any of my friends. Super cheap and there products are amazing. There brow kit eye shadows and there mascaras are really good.

My friends absolutely love there seventeen cheek stamp. I recommend it because it was so cheap and such a good product.

MUA MUA MUA all the way. There lip products are so good and so cheap. £1 lipstick you defiantly can't go wrong there.

So this is then of the challenge and post. Pretty sad about it ending had so much fun doing it. I've loved reading all the posts and interacting with people every week. The blog and post that i have loved the most is Her posts over the past 6 weeks have been amazing and her blog is beautiful.

I've loved reading through everyone's. Lets stay in touch please leave your links and twitter names in the comments. I would love to follow and stay in contact. 

My twitter is @AmyJWalters_



  1. I must try some MUA products! The garnier moisture match is a good recommendation I had forgotten about.

    Our blog is & @sempresorres :)

    1. Yes you must :) I'm glad you this reminded you

  2. Yet more products to add to my ever growing list!! haha! Dying to try the MUA stuff. Been hearing loads about it. :)
    Rach Xx

    1. I was like this haha. Like i need anymore beauty products.