Saturday, 28 June 2014


LOVE this quote.

As many you know i celebrated my 22nd birthday a couple of day's go. It shocks me so much with how fast time goes. I can remember being a 13 year old girl and having no decisions to make or what i was going to achieve that year. All i had to worry about was what tree i was going to climb and what boys to chase around the playground. 

I don't no why but with turning 22 i feel like i need to achieve things and most importantly become the best person i can. I see all my friends achieving there dreams and starting families. Which i know i'm no wear near ready to have a baby. But seeing them being happy and living life has got me thinking. I'm not comparing myself because i know i'm a completely different person. I've never been a higher achiever and i'm never going to be and i accepted that a long time ago but that shouldn't stop me from becoming something. This year I've definitely decided that it's time for a change and by a change i mean a very big change. I'm not happy being the person that I am right now. When you get to that point i think it's a very good time to change because there's nothing to stop me. I know with having anxiety it does stop me from doing things but I've got to that point where i'm thinking i don't want this to contol my life anymore. And by me saying no all the time it means it's winning. People have been trying to tell me this for ages but it's never really sunk in or i didn't want to believe it. I know 22 isn't old but it is when you don't do anything and just sit and mope and moan. Life is to short for all that jazz. It seems this mindset has come to me over night and i wish it had come a lot earlier.

My list of things i want to achieve is.

. Get a job that i'm happier in.
. Start dating
.  Go on holiday
. Get my driving licence
. Get fitter/loose weight 
. Get my mental health under control.
. Do something every day that makes me happy.
. Say yes to things that scare the living hell out of me 

That's my little list and i definitely think these will make me a happier person. I also want to appreciate  my life a lot more and be happier with what I've got. 



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