Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My final thought's on the PS LOVE Primark beauty range.

Hey loves. How lovely is the weather. Finally summer is on it's way. Today's post is going to be about My final thoughts on the PS love Primark beauty range. As you know i won a competition all the way back in Feb. I was really excited to win them because my Primark isn't very good and doesn't stock half of the collection. I have put a few reviews up of some of the products over the past couple of months and they have been included in my monthly favorites. 

I'm not going to just write that everything was brilliant but for the prices they are pretty good. I have tried and even loved the products. The false nails are okay. I'm not a massive fan of false nails. I find them really annoying so they didn't last very long on. But for a £1 they are okay and work well. the glue isn't really that useful. These nail polish pads didn't really work at all. It took about 10 pads to remove all the polish and they smell funny and they leave you're hands sticky.

I'm not really good at using Nail art pens but these are really easy to use. I've used them a couple of times on myself and family members. The only thing i would say is that i wish they had a range of colors to match every season. The nail polishes i loved. Easy to apply. They did chip easy but that's because i wasn't applying  a top coat. And you do need to apply a few coats to get the coverage you want. The lip-glosses are really good. You can just get away with wearing that as a lip product because there really pigmented. They stay on quite a while. If you eat or drink you will need to re apply it. They are sticky but to be honest i haven't found a lip gloss that isn't sticky. 

  I have used all these products on a daily basis just to give them a proper trail out. I'm not one of these people that is willing to spend loads on Mascaras, eyeliners. So if i can get them cheap i will. So what are my thoughts on them. The brow pencils are amazing. They outline my brows really well and they stay on all day. These have come part of my daily makeup routine. The eyeliners are good to but nothing special.. The pencil one is quite rough when you apply it but once you start wearing it does help to make it un sharp. I haven't added these to my daily makeup routine. The mascara is really good and does lengthen your eye lashes. I have added this to my makeup routine.

The palette is back again. Oh yes it is. This palette is AMAZING. This is one of the products i was really looking forward to trying out. I'm pretty obsessed with eye palettes and if i can get them cheaper then the high ends i will. This hasn't disappointed me at all. The colors are amazing. perfect neutral colors. They are so pigmented and the shadows last all day which is amazing. I know i have done a review and this has been in my favorites but i just had to add this again. £2.50 for a palette this good is such a good price.

So that's my thoughts on some of the collection. I if i wads you i would get to Primark as fast as i could to pick up these products, The prices are amazing and some of the products defiantly don't disappoint. I'm so happy i won this collection and got to try and trail them out.

Have you tired any of the collection out. If you have what's been your favorite product 



  1. wouldnt have thought primark beauty stuff would be any good!

    1. I thought that at the beginning. But i was pleasantly surprised