Saturday, 3 May 2014


Hey lovelies. Hope everyone is well and enjoying this lovely weather. Were finally taking baby steps into Summer. Today's post is all about MUA new MATTE lipsticks. As the weather is nice i took my first pictures outside and they turned out really well.

This shade is absolutely beautiful. I if i could describe it. It would be a lighter version of a Barbie pink. It's defiantly not as bright as the picture is showing. For £1 this product is really good.

Lilac belle.
This shade is perfect for S/S yet again it's not as bright as the picture is showing. I've worn it a couple of times and it's looked really nice.

Here's another picture of them together and opened. Like i said perfect shades for S/S 

Here's some swatches i took. Like i said you can see that they are much lighter. They are really build able too which i love. You can leave it simple of go to the extreme.

MUA is one of my favorite Drugstore brands. There so cheap but they have amazing products. These lipsticks haven't disappointed me in the slightest. I never wear MATTE lips as i don't like the feeling on my lips i like something glossy. But saying that. I've been wearing these lipsticks no stop. I've just been using a clear lip gloss on top to create the glossy look. 

I defiantly recommend these lipsticks to anyone. If your starting out with makeup or you have been wearing it for ages. Perfect for anyone who wants a POP of color to there lips.

Do you like MUA 



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