Monday, 26 May 2014

MagazineVSBlogging #LetsTalkBlogChallenge

Hey Lovelies. Seriously cannot believe were at week 5 of this challenge, I don't no what I'm going to do when it finsihes. Really enjoyed it. Today's topic is Magazine Vs Blogging. I think this is a really interesting topic. Like always You can check Sarah's blog out if you want to here her thoughts on this topic or just want to have a look at her blog.  Sarah's blog. 


I find this topic really interesting. I'm a lover of Magazines and reading blogs I still think that many people love reading there monthly Magazines because i know i do. I love reading the celebrity gossip in the weekly mags that you get and i also love reading the fashion/beauty mags which are a tad more expensive. I can honestly see why people rather read high fashion and beauty blogs because it's much cheaper. Well it's free. But i'm pretty much obsessed with them. I love blogs to because like i said there free and some really big bloggers and some little bloggers that have blogs that are so dam amazing. It is really like reading out of a mag. 

I can defiantly see why some girls and boys that would love reading blogs because it's like real life what you see whats is what is real life. I actually disagree with that because blog posts are defiantly edited to a way that the blogger feels acceptable for there readers to read. If You're a lifestyle blogger and then yes it might be real life but it's still edited just like a mag is. 

This day in age both are so easy to find and use on the internet. Because were all technology geeks and we can't stay 5 mins from are phones. You can get magazines online and definitely blogs. So it's easy to read either of them. I think it comes down to the personal interest really. I know some people that  don't even no that the blogging world is there to use and read. Some of my friends find it so interesting that i write a blog and people read it. But they still wouldn't convert to a blog.

I definitely think that magazines hold different content to what a blog does. And that's why i love reading both. I do sometimes get bored of reading mags because they usually have the same content. Where as blogs have different content.

There's pro's and cons' to both but i think that some people would say that magazines would definitely say that magazines have more con's then pro's just because of the drama that comes with it especially the ones that come out weekly.

I don't think i would ever change my mind on buying magazines or reading blogs. I love both and that's going to stay the same. I love the feel of getting a brand new glossy magazine to open and ready and i get excited to see who has posted.

So basically i'm sitting on the fence. Nothing wrong with sitting on a fence as long as it's comfortable.



  1. I am totally on the fence too on this argument I love both!

  2. My friends are the same! They think it's cool that I write one but they'll still go get their beauty fix from a magazine haha! xxx

    Aisling |

    1. haha :) I'm glad my friends aren't the only ones that do it.

  3. I love reading both too! They both have their benefits. But if its a review i'm after, I will always go to a blog for answers.
    Rach Xx

  4. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the challenge Amy, I'm going to be sad when it ends too :( There are definite pros and cons to both and I love both for different reasons. It's nice to step away from the computer and have a physical copy of something in your hand but I love reading blogs regularly and getting to know someone and valuing their opinion and sometimes buying a product based on their recommendations, which rarely happens these days when I read a magazine.

    1. I'm going to miss it too. You should make another one up ;)