Thursday, 29 May 2014

Introducing Jack (PET TAG)

I thought this would be such a cute post to do. I've seen this done on YouTube but i want to do it in blog from. I've looked all over for these questions and can only find 8 of the questions. But i still thought i would do it.

(Q1) What is your pet.
As you can see my pet is a Dog.

(Q2) What is the name of your pet. 
His official name is Jack but he has lots of other names/Nicknames

(Q3)  How old are they.
He is 13.

(Q4)  Where did you get your pet from.
My mum got him from a family friend who is a dog breeder.

(Q5)   Why did you want to get this particular breed/species?
I don't know. We just wanted a family pet. He just wanted to come home with us from the get go. My mum didn't have any breed in mind.

(Q6) Do they no any tricks.
No he doesn't. He know's how to sit and lie down. 

(Q7) Do they give snuggles/kisses 
Yes he does. He's such a lovable little one. He always wants the attention.

(Q8) What are some of the things they do that make you laugh.
He's so vain. We put a mirror in front of him he will literlly sit there until we take it away. If anyone of us sings. He will start barking. 

That's the end of the tag. Hope you enjoyed getting to know Jack a little better. The breed of him is a Lhasa Apso and he's a pedigree.  


  1. So tempted to do this with my little one! Loved it x

    1. You definitely should. Thank you

  2. My mum has the same breed.... I think. haha

    1. Aww has she. Cutest dogs ever ;)