Thursday, 22 May 2014

A walk down memory lane// About me.

As my first Lifestyle post i thought i would do a About me post. I have done one of these before but it's only been 10 facts about me. Today i thought i would do a whole post from when i was born till now. I hope this is not boring and you somewhat enjoy getting to know me better.

So where did it all begin. I was born on the 26th June 1992 in a hospital in Scotland. I was born 5 weeks early just weighing 4lb. I was so small because i was a twin. Yes i'm a twin. Everyone is so surprised when i say that. It's probably because we don't have any similarities and were completely different. Everyone says were like chalk & cheese. He always thinks he's the boss of me. He's 2mins older.  I was quite a poorly baby just because i was so small and premature. But i soon catched up and was aloud to leave hospital  

When i was a yr old the whole family moved to Dubai and lived there till we were 7 yrs old. I don't remember that much from living there but i do remember bits. Everyone always says can you speak write Arabic. The answer is always no. I was so young that none of it sunk in. Or i wasn't interested in it. Here's a cute photo of me and my brothers on one of the school days.

It's a not a very good photo. But it does show how different we were. It's so strange looking at these photos. I don't really have any memory of me at school there. I think i was quite a naughty  at school well that's what I've been told. I can remember living in loads of different houses because my Dad never like to settle anywhere. As it's Dubai my Mum wasn't aloud to work so she was a housewife to me my brother and my older sister. One of the earliest memory's i have is sitting on a step and watching my mum cook and god dam she's amazing at it. I think that's were i got my passion for it. one of her quotes is If i learn you too cook I've set you up for life. We had an amazing life living out there. It's a beautiful place. I wish i was older when i lived out there to appreciate it a little bit more. 

We moved to be closer to my Gran who sadly passed away 9yrs ago as she was my mum's mum and we were all close.

This is me at 7rs old. Rocking the bob haircut. Hated this hairstyle. When i was 7 my mum and dad divorced. Me my brother sister and mum all came back to Hereford to live. It was a massive culture shock. Everything is do different from over there to over hear. We all eventually got used to it. I started primary school and the years rolled on by. Then it was my first day at secondary school.
Me in Year 7 and Omg this is the worst picture i have EVER taken it's horrific. I was so small that everything hanged of me. My hairstyle was all my sisters fault because she told her what to do and didn't have a clue what she was talking about. Still haven't forgiven her for it. But i guess we all have the vile pictures. I hated school and they hated me. I was a little shit. Never did anything i was told. Laughing uncontrollable most of the time and when i wasn't doing that i was storming out of lessons. I was the devil child. Didn't help i was easily distracted and didn't care about learning. I totally regret doing that now. Because i came from school with hardly any qualifications..
My end of year 11 photo. I was pretty glad to get of out of that school. At least i didn't have a dodgy haircut in this picture. 

I decided to do hairdressing at college and I'm so glad i did. This was the best year of my life. I changed so much as you can see from the photos. I discovered the magic of makeup and i finally dyed my hair and cut at least 3 inches of. The picture above is me and Charlotte. We hit it of straight away. From the first day we become really good friends. Were still friends 5 years on. Had so many laughs and so many memory's made.

The next five years is one big blur. I didn't no what i wanted to do so i just wasted time doing things i wasn't interested in and decided to stay in quite alot and that's when my Anxiety started. That's a different story. I've worked loads of different jobs just to pass the time. At this moment in time i'm thinking of going back to college and making something of my self.

Here's a quick picture of my sister as it's only right to include her as she is a part of my family
This Picture was taking a a couple of years ago.

This brings us to now. In a month I'm going to be 22. Its crazy how fast time goes and how much I've changed. I'm so glad i started blogging. I've achieved so much on here and I'm so proud of it. Hopefully in the years to come I achieve everything i want to and most of all I'm healthy and Happy.

I nearly forgot to include my little monster. His name is Jack and he's 14.

Hope you've enjoyed this post. It was a certainly a walk down memory lane for me



  1. Aw really enjoyed this!! It's like your face has barely changed!! You're so recognisable on your younger photos :) xx

    1. Thanks honey :) haha alot of people say that ;)

  2. nice to get to know you - i never know how much personal info to give out...

    1. Thanks lovely. You give out as much as you want to. There's no limit. As long as your comfortable with it.

  3. What a lovely post! It's nice to inform your readers about the blogger behind the blog :) I loved the part where you spoke about living in Dubai! That's amazing!
    I also liked that you spoke about your anxiety. I have too and even though it was brief it's nice to know another blogger has suffered the same.


  4. What a great idea for a post, I have found out lots about you now! I love nothing better than looking through old photos :-)

    Pink Polka Dot & Popcorn