Friday, 9 May 2014

A Festival Makeup look

Festival season is fast approaching us so i thought i would do a makeup look suitable for a festival. I've used all Chemist brought products so anyone can recreate this look or do something different. I went for greens because it makes my eye color look incredible Festivals you can do you're makeup completely different and go to the extremes if you wanted to. Makeup can be bright or subtle and you can get away with it. I went for a very bright bold eye and a subtle peach lip. Festivals are all about having fun with your outfit choices and your makeup looks. So be brave and try something new if your going to one this year. Today I'm going to be showing you what products i used to achive this look

Moisturizer is the garnier moisture match. I applied this before applying my face makeup.
The foundation i used is the maybelline better skin one. It's perfect for this time year. It's light and full coverage which is amazing. The powder is the MUA one.
The concealer i used is the collection 2000 lasting perfection just to hide all the imperfections i don't want showing. I contoured my cheek bones and the temples of my head using this MUA Mosaic bronzer. I then went and applied blush to my apple of my cheeks using  this Natural collection blush. 

I firstly did my eyebrows for that i used my MUA Pro brow kit, Brow drama and a Primark eyebrow pencil 
Then i went in with the eyeshadow which was the most important part. I used all these colors on my eyes to create the beautiful green look. This palette is from Front Cover. I then went and lined my top lid and created a flick in the corner of my eyes. I then went and put my 2 coats of mascara on.

I picked these 3 lipsticks up. Just to have a choice. I didn't want anything to bold because my eyes are the center of attention so i opted for the MUA juicy. It's very orange  but if you apply it lightly it comes of a beautiful peach color .

That's the end of my Makeup look. Hope you enjoyed. 

Are you going to any festivals this year ?



  1. Beautiful and fresh make up look :) I also love your flower crown! :)

    1. Thank you :) Its from good old Primark :)