Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Hey my lovelies. hope everyone is well. I'm back today with a another M.A.C review. Yes i caved in and brought another Lipstick. After getting my first M.A.C lipstick back in December i had to get another one. I loved my first one but i wanted a more neutral color as the one i got before was Chatterbox which is a pretty pink color. I love it to death but like i said i wanted a neutral color. I have quite a few Drugstore nude colors. But i just wanted a highend one. So i began my search for one. That search lasted all of 5 seconds. A lot of bloggers/Youtubers rave about HUE. Quite a few people have said its the perfect nude. So i went onto the M.A.C site and brought it. 
HUE is a glaze lipstick which means it has a glossy finish. Some people might like that others might not. I like it because you don't have to apply a lipgloss if you don't want to.
So what did i think of it. It is a perfect Nude color and it defiantly suits my skin tone to a T. I've tired a load of Nudes before but they have never been as good as this. It goes on really light. It comes of slightly pinky 
It doesn't last very long but if you prime your lips before hand it should last longer. If you have really pink lips it probably will come out quite sheer. But it is really worth the price. I think i have found my perfect nude lipstick. 
I've swatched it on my hand. So you can see how light and sheer it is. This is only one coat though. If you apply it more then once you do get more color.

Yet again M.A.C hasn't disappointed  me. It is a bit more expensive then your average drugstore lipstick but you really do get your money worth. Amazing packaging and the products is amazing.

What are your favorite M.A.C lipsticks.



  1. Ooh, that looks nice. I should go to a MAC counter and check it out for myself. My favorite nude MAC lipstick is Angel.

    1. It's lovely :) You should. I haven't seen that one. Off to go and have a look