Friday, 4 April 2014

Elsa make-up look (Frozen)

Hey my lovelies. Today's look is going to be a Elsa look (Frozen) I've  been obsessed with frozen since it came out from the Sound track to the film. Its amazing. I finally watched the film on Wednesday. I loved it. Elsa's makeup was so on point and beautiful.  I thought i try and do the look. I know i have red hair and not blonde. And The purple eye shadow turned out abit light. But i really like it.
In the film she had a purple eye look and a rosy cheek. She also had a reddy lip color. Every product i used is chemist brought. So you can recreate the look what ever your budget is.
So now lets get onto the products i used .
For the face i used. Maybelline better skin foundation. Which gives you a dewy look. The powder is MUA. The Both concealer is from collection and the blush i used is the seventeen cheek stamp in Blushin
The eye makeup
I used my MUA pro brow kit and the maybelline brow.The eyeliner is 2true and the mascara is PS love.
I used the ELF palette to create the purple eyes and a MUA Eye shadow
The red crayon is from seventeen.

Hope you enjoyed this look. Let me know what you think of it.


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