Saturday, 8 March 2014

Soap&Glory (hand food )/Review

Hey my lovelies. Hope everyone is okay. So if you've read my February favorites post you will no this product is my fav. So i thought i would do a review on it and explain abit more why about it and why i love it. I've never tried any Soap&glory products before this. I got it in a set which came with some shower products. It was a part of a Christmas set which was in boots and it cost £10.00. So now onto the review. I can honestly say it is the best hand cream I've used before. Its really hydrating and it make my hands stay really hydrated for most of the day. Which is amazing because i'm a massive suffer from dry hands. The scent is beautiful which is always a plus. Hand cream don't usually settle into my hands. It just leaves me with greasy hands. And that's totally disgusting. But this one settles into my skin like a dream. The one i have is a miniature size which is perfect for travelling with or just sitting on your bed side table in case of emergency's. I'm really glad i came across this and will defiantly be re purchasing it in the future. If your looking for a hand cream that hydrates your hands i totally recommend in this. You can get it from any chemists and online.

What's your favorite Soap&Glory Product 


  1. Definitely my favourite hand cream too! Soap and Glory products are all so hydrating I've found xx

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  2. I love the sugarcrush body scrub so much! Such an amazing scent and texture! I also follow your blog and love it :) x

    1. Aww will have to try it. Aww thank you so much :)

  3. Hi, I have nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog, please check it out and fill out the questions! x