Sunday, 30 March 2014

Seventeen cheek stamp blush/Review/

Hey my lovelies. Happy mothers day to everyone. Today's post is going to be my last one of March and i thought i would do a beauty review. It's mad to to think that in a day it will be April. Where are the months going.  So lets get onto the the review its self. A couple of weeks ago i brought this cheek stamp from boots. 
It's something i haven't come across before and i didn't no how it actually worked at the beginning. It was pretty funny me trying to work it out. I eventually got there. It is quite clever how it works. Its a stamp affect so you stamp the blusher onto your face. At first i loved it but then i didn't like it so much. When you stamp it to much product comes onto the sponge. I don't like to much blusher on my cheeks so i'm finding i'm wasting quite a bit. So now i just use my Elf brush to apply it. So now i'm not wasting any product.
So as you can see from the photo the blush is in the lid. That's what i couldn't work out. You can also see how much product comes onto the sponge when you stamp it into the blusher.
I swatched it so you could see the color. I'm very pale so this shade suits me. It's very light but very pigmented. So it looks lovely when you apply it to the cheek . As everyone knows i'm not much of a blusher kind of girl. But this has fast become my favorite. I'm even choosing this over my trusty bronzer. Its in the shade Blushin. But they do have other shades and i'm defiantly going to be buying more. I brought this from boots and it's the brand seventeen and it costs £4.99

Have you tired the Seventeen cheek stamps. What did you think ?


  1. i love the concept of these blushes i have one as well :) , at first i was scarred i'd ended up with two big round circles on my face, but they leave such a nice look to the face.

    lovely post by the way Jorden X

    1. Hahaha. This was so me too. Yeah i love it.
      Thanks darling