Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March Favorites (Beauty)

Hey my lovelies. hope everyone is well. I've done three posts this week. I'm quite proud of that.
Today is going to be my March Favorites. I actually can't believe I'm writing that. The months are flying by once again. I've had a few favorites this month and i'm excited to share it with you.
This month I've had two foundations that I've loved. I haven't photographed the rimmel wake me up one because that was in my February favorites. The new one i'm loving is the new Maybelline super stay better skin foundation. It is a really good foundation and is brilliant coverage. It also feels really light on the skin. Its really build able. Depending on what coverage you want. I got the shade light beige. Its around £8.99. You can get in any chemists and Super markets
Last month i wrote about my favorite day moisturizer. This month i'm going to be talking about my favorite night one. I use two different ones because i don't want anything to heavy on my skin before i go to bed. Simple is the best Chemist product I've used for dry skin. It also helps my acne because it doesn't have any fragrance. You can get this from chemists and supermarkets. Its also really good priced. Really affordable for people on a budget.
Real techniques are defiantly my favorite brushes. I love my core collection ones. I had these for my Christmas. My favorite one is the buffing one because it apply's my foundation amazingly well.
I rencntly got this in the boots 3for2. It's a really good product. And it's a perfect shade for me because i don't like anything to bright on my cheeks. The one thing i'm not keen on is the stamp affect. It takes to much product and wastes quite abit. So I'm using my blush brush. It costs £4.99 which is amazing for a blush.
My favorite fragrance this month has been Victoria Beckham's intimately. I've used it all month which is so unlike me because i usually swap my perfumes around all the time. I'm not going to butcher the smell of it. All i'm going to say is that it's a quite mature smell. Go and have a smell yourself .
I've been absolutely getting into my spring nail polishes. I love my pastel colors. A couple of weeks ago i picked up this shade from MUA. Which is the perfect mint shade. I've worn it a couple of times and i love it.
This palette is so gorgeous. I've been wearing it all month apart from a couple of days where I've reached for my Naked 2. It has such beautiful neutral colors. This is the day palette from Primark's new beauty range and it costs £2.50. So affordable and the pigment is AMAZING.
My favorite lip product of this month has defiantly been my seventeen lip crayon. It's such a beautiful shade. Unfortunately it doesn't have a name or a shade. 

So that's another favorites done. 
What have you been loving in the month of March. 


  1. I love than mint polish, and the Primark palette looks great too! I must pop in there and check their makeup out! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

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    1. Absolutely love my brushes.
      It is honey. You should go in there and check there range out

  3. I definitely need to invest in some real technique brushes!