Saturday, 1 March 2014

Getting ready for spring/ Guest post by Laura.

If you are anything like me you are probably counting down the days for the sunshine, park days, BBQs and all of the other lovely things spring/summer bring along with them. 
If you are also like me you will be frantically worrying that your 'summer body' won't be ready in time to rock those shorts, vest tops etc.
I jumped at the chance to share this post for Amys 'Get ready for Spring' feature.
I am currently in full on fitness mode trying to perfect, tweak and even completely change certain aspects of my body so that I will be able to feel body confident this summer.
I have had a big issue with body confidence my whole life and as you can probably see from recent posts I have lost a big amount of weight and am still trying to mentally adjust to that and my whole new body shape.
I thought it would be a nice idea to share what I am doing fitness wise to help motivate all of you other lovely ladies out there that are getting ready for spring/summer.
Confession: I am a big gymaphobe!! I have been to the gym before but hate it. So all of my workouts are home done and put together by myself. I am no expert and all of what I do is based on research and things I come across threw other peoples regimes. They are tailored to me and what I want to achieve so feel free to take as much or as little as you want from them but just play around and find out what suits your body best :)
Id also love any advice or tips you could throw my way :) 

As I have said my workouts are done at home so I do not have the space for bulky pieces of equipment nor do I think I need them. I use:
Hand weights
A kettlebell
Skipping rope
Leg weights
I am currently waiting to pick up a barbell for a variation

Each day is used to target a specific area of my body with one days rest per week only.
Monday: Abs/Core/Back
Tuesday: Legs/Bum
Wednesday: Arms/Shoulders
Thursday: Abs/Core/Back
Friday: Legs/Bum
Saturday: REST DAY
Sunday: Arms/Shoulders

I excersise using interval timings. Each excersise I do is for 1 minute with a 30 second rest between each set. Once the whole set of excesises is complete I will have a 2 minute rest and then start again, repeating them all 3-5 times.

My abs/Core routine is very much a work in progress so i wont post that up just yet but here are what I do for my Legs & Arms:

Star jumps
Leg raises
Side Squats
Mountain Climbers

I repeat this set 3-5 times. Each excersise for 1minute with a 30second rest in between.

Tricep dips
Push ups
Arm rows
Push backs
Overhead arm extensions
Curl & Punch
Lateral raises

I repeat this set 3-5 times. Each excersise for 1minute with a 30second rest in between

Once I am happy with my abs workout I will post that to.

Come on ladies lets get body confident in time for spring/summer x
Here's her blog if you want to go over and have a look 


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