Monday, 3 March 2014

February favorites 2014

Hey my lovelies. Hope everyone is doing okay. Today i thought i would write up my Feb favorites. When i first started blogging i did these all the time. I was looking back and my photos were pretty bad. I think i took them at night. But i really enjoyed writing them up so i thought i would get back into them.
As you can see my All time favorite moisturizer is back in my faves. I love this so much it makes my skin so hydrated and leaves a nice silky feel. It also has a nice scent. If you have really dry skin i defiantly recommend this one for you because it works like a dream. 
My next product is a bit of shock. A couple of months back i wrote a review on this foundation saying i didn't like it and didn't no what the fuss was about. I've changed my mind it makes my skin look flawless. I think the reason i didn't like it before is because i had pretty bad skin so it wouldn't set properly. But not it settles really nice and it's such a build able foundation.
Elf eyebrow kit has fast become my favorite one to use. Before i used to use the MUA  one but i think this is better. I have a whole review on it. It's very cheap and does the job . My next two products are from Primarks new beauty range. There eyebrow pencil and there Mascara. At let me just tell you they don't disappoint. There mascara is really good. It lengthens the lash and makes them look nice. I have a real trouble with my eyelashes but this mascara defiantly sorts them out making them look really big and voluminous. The pencil i just use the little brush at the end to shape my eyebrows before i fill them in.
The naked 2 palette is defiantly by far my favorite palette i own. Its so beautiful and all the colors are so pigmented. I also have a review on this palette.
I picked this up a couple of weeks ago and I've been wearing it everyday. Its so pretty and pigmented and it's a really light color when you apply.
I've tired quite a few hand creams in my time but this is by far my favorite. I suffer with really bad dry skin and this sorts me out. It also smells beautiful.  Also the packaging is really girly and pink. It's also miniature size which is really good for traveling around.
I got this as a Christmas present and i love it. I been wearing this most of the month. I'm not that good at describing smells. But i think its a very sweet smell. Thats all your going to get form me because if i say anymore i'm just going to sound like an idiot. haha 
This is far my favorite BabyLips. the smell is gorgeous. It's also very pigmented so when you apply it you don't have to bother with lipstick which is very good when your in a rush. It also moisturizes your lips really good.

 What has been your Favorites.


  1. We have such similar tastes. I love the Gairner cream & MAC. Plus you can never go wrong with Hand Food!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Hand Food is my favourite hand cream of all time! Keeps my skin so hydrated and soft :) great picks! xx

    D Is For...

    1. Totally agree :) Aww thank you

  3. that garnier moisturiser has been my lifesaver this winter, its really does sort out dry skin! i'm also a huge fan of the ELF eyebrow kit :) x

  4. Hi!

    Thank you so much for following my blog today :) So nice of you!
    I love this post :) Monthly favorites are one of my favorite blog posts!
    The garnier cream sounds really cool! I don't think they have this in the US cause I haven't seen it. I feel the UK has better Garnier products than they do in the US! So jealous!

    Thanks for sharing your feb favorites! I enjoyed reading it :)


    1. Aww no problem honey. Aww thats a shame they haven't brought it out in the us yet. Hope they do soon. thanks for reading and enjoying.