Monday, 24 March 2014

A Spring Make up look.

Hey my lovelies. Today's post is going to be my Spring makeup look. I did do my skincare before i applied my makeup but didn't include this in this post. Because i wanted to make a separate post on it. I'm going to show you step by step how to achieve this make up look 
I apply my foundation with my Real techniques buffing brush. The foundation i'm using is the Maybelline better skin foundation. Its a lovely foundation and it's build able if you like a heavier coverage. The buffing brush is amazing to blend in your foundation properly. 
Concelar is the biggest step for me because i have really bad acne and dark circles under my eyes. I'm currently using the Lasting collection one. Then i powder my face to get rid of the shine. The one i'm using here is the Philosophy one. I use my ELF powder brush to blend it all in.
Filling my eyebrows in is a major part of my routine. My natural eyebrows are so fair that you can hardly see them. At the moment i'm using the ELF eyebrow set with the ELF eyeshadow brush to fill them in. To make them look perfect i use The primark eyebrow pencil to out line them.

The eye shadow palette i'm currently using is the PS LOVE one from primark. Its easy to get hold of and it's so cheap. I use the shimmer light brown all over my lid then apply they grey color in my crease and finally i use the white to highlight my bow bone. 
I apply my eyeliner first all over my lid then flick it out ever so slightly. The one i'm using here is my 2true one from Superdrug. Then i apply my MUA crayon eyeliner in the corner of my bottom eyelashes. Then i curl my eyelashes with the Primark curlers. Then I apply my mascara which is from The PS LOVE primark range.

It's now cheek time. At the moment i'm using the MUA mosaic bronzer to contour with. Then i use my Seventeen cheek stamp to bring some color to my cheeks. The shade is bulshin.

Finally its lip time. The one i used is this beautiful pink/ purple toned lip crayon which is from seventeen. It doesn't have a shade name. But you can use any color you want.

I hope you enjoyed this post and took some ideas from it. You can use any products you want to create a beautiful spring look. Don't be scared to have some fun with  adding color to your routine. 


  1. That lip colour looks stunning on you, so jealous I can't pull shades like that off haha

    Hayley -

  2. Aww thank you honey. I bet you could babe.

  3. I love how the brands you chose are standard brands, something I really like. It's nice to see someone doing a gorgeous makeup routine with everyday products. I think I need someone to teach me what to do with eyebrows, I'm so lazy with them :)

  4. Ohh yes i love drugstore brands. Thanks honey. I'll teach you :D