Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Thank You and a Mini boots haul

Hey my lovelies. Hope everyone is well. Before i get into this post i would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed my blog. A couple of days ago My blog reached a massive 200 followers on bloglovin. I couldn't believe it. I know everyone says this but i really didn't think my little blog would ever reach that. My blog is the first thing that i have never lost any interest in. Its my pride and joy. So once again a massive THANK YOU. A giveaway will be happening in the near future. 

As every blogger knows Boots were having a 3for2 mix and match and its literally the best thing ever for us bloggers. I was quite late on the bandwagon and wasn't sure if i wanted to get anything. But yesterday i was thinking that i couldn't miss this opportunity. So i headed to boots with a couple of things in mind.

So this i what i got.

I've been wanting one of these lipsticks for a while but it does carry a price that i couldn't really splurge on until i had abit more money. Yesterday i had to have it because 1) it was the last one and 2) i just couldn't pass it up. It does cost £8 or maybe a little bit more then i would usually spend on a lipstick. I wanted Cheryl's because it's such a beautiful nude and really suits me well. a REVIEW will be up soon.

Let's all be honest us beauty bloggers can't just have one foundation. I saw the advert on telly and instantly want to try it out. Even though i really didn't need another foundation on the go. But i have promised my self i will use up my others before this is opened. I got it in the shade light beige and it costs £8.99. I will be reviewing this product.
This caught my eye when i was looking at the seventeen stand. I was wondering how it worked. So i was looking at the tester and thought this is clever so i decided to get it because i want more pinky blushes in my clollection. I haven't used it yet  but it's in the shade BLUSHIN. Plus the packaging is cute. This cost £4.99 So i got this free as this was the cheapest.
This wasn't from Boots its from Superdrug. I wanted a cute mint color that didn't cost the earth. So i went straight to my MUA stand and new they would have the color. and it cost £1 BARGAIN. Its name is pistachio ice creme. Cute name.

So that's all i picked up on my latest trip to boots. 
Have you been enjoying the boots 3for2 


  1. congrats on reaching 200! i really can't make my mind up about the cheek stamp, surely you'd just have a really obvious round of blush?! x

    1. Thanks honey :) You should defiantly try them :) I tried mine this morning and i LOVE it. If you do get one. Get the shade blushin. Its so pretty. xxx