Sunday, 16 February 2014

Getting ready for spring/Lipsticks


Hey my lovelies i'm back today with another installment of my blog series. Getting ready for spring.Today's topic is all about lipsticks. I must say i'm quite addicted to lipsticks and have many. I picked five out That i think would be amazing for Spring/Summer.

Spring/Summer is a fabulous time to change up your lipsticks. I tend to go from dark reds and plum colors to gorgeous pinks and oranges. There's so many beautiful lipsticks around from High end to low end. Whatever your budget is you can get the perfect lipstick and shade that is perfect for you.

I've picked out 5 Lipsticks that i think is going to be amazing for S/S.

I have picked three MUA lipsticks because they are one of my favorite lipsticks. They are unbelievably cheap and they really are good. They also have amazing shades to choose from.
SHADE 3 (dark pink)
A gorgeous dark pink looks beautiful in the S/S its easy to wear and would go well with any S/S outfit. You  could also go from day to night.
SHADE 15 (Orange)
This is a orange color which is a very bright color when you apply it. It's a very brave color to wear. Anyone could rock this look if they felt comfortable wearing it.
SHADE 4 (Light Pink)
Its a very very light color that you can hardly see when you apply it. Its perfect for if your sporting a heavy eye makeup look. 

This is my only high end Lipstick. I love it its a beautiful pink and its defiantly suitable for S/S 
Yet again its a perfect shade to go from day to night.

Seventeen lip crayon.
I love this lip crayon and it defiantly doesn't apply that dark. Its a very light shade which is so beautiful on. This is very moisturizing which is perfect when you have dry lips.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Absolutely Love lipsticks.

What's your favorite lipstick.   


  1. Love orange colours for spring, gorgeous xxx

  2. Great post hun :) I love the MUA lipsticks, think they're brilliant especially for the price! I have quite a few but haven't got the orange one yet! Need to add it to my collection for spring :) lovely blog xxx

    1. Thank you :) MUA are amazing.
      Thanks again darling

  3. I NEED to try the MUA lipsticks, its been one of my 'must's' for a while and I just haven't gotten round to it :(

  4. Beautiful colours! I'm really into orange lip products lately :)