Sunday, 12 January 2014

Seventeen/Lip crayons/Review

           Hey my lovelies hope everyone is having a start to 2014. Todays post is going to be about Seventeen lip crayons. I received them as a Christmas gift. I haven't put them down since I got them. They've been my go to lipsticks. They are so pigmented and there really easy to apply. They come in four different shades. A Nude/brown, Red, Orange and A pinky/purple tone. They don't have names or shade numbers which is a shame. The downsides are that the lid not safe on them. Every time I put one in my bag they come of and stain my bag. The other downside is that they don't really stay that long on your lips especially the Nude one. That's the only downsides to them apart from them little problems they are a fantastic crayon and work well. I recommend in anyone trying these. I no there from boots but I'm not sure if there sold separately. My boots is tiny and I know for a fact we don't have them in there. If your lucky they might of gone in the boots sale online and you could get them cheaper.


  1. Great post!Beautiful color)Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  2. These look like some really gorgeous colours, I love lip crayons! I need some more :) Thank you for sending me your link, I'm following hun! x