Friday, 31 January 2014

Getting ready for spring/ Nail Polish

Hey my lovelies. Today is the start of my blog series called Getting ready for spring. As we all no British weather is horrible at the moment. There's no sign of Spring starting any time soon. So i hope over these couple of  months i can brighten your day with my posts. Fingers crossed Spring Hurry's up. I'm going to start with nail polish because i think that everyone changes shades. From dark to bright or even simple pretty colors. I'm a massive nail junkie and love my polishes. So i thought i would share some colors with you that you could use in Spring/Summer. 

MUA is the cheapest brand of nail polish I've came across. Its products really excel themselves for the price. There nail polishes are one of my favorites. I've got quite a few. I've picked four up that i think would be great for Spring/Summer. They are called  All Nude  Ameretto crush  Lush Lilac  Frozen Yogurt  
These colors are perfect. They are Simple but girly. Who doesn't love a pastel color in the Spring.
All these nail polishes are a £1 so they won't break your piggy bank.

Sinful colors have a really beautiful range of  colors for spring. They really are gorgeous. I picked this one up because it's different from your pinks and purples what i usually go for. This lovely shade of blue will defiantly brighten up any dull day that we have in spring. The name is adorable to Cinderella. I'm really looking forward to wearing it. You can get this from Boot's and they cost £1.99 
Glitter polishes aren't necessary for Spring/Summer but i can never really say no to a bit of glitter. This one from Barry M is really pretty and would complement any pastel shade as a top coat. Its called Pink Sapphire 
This was from Superdrug and cost £2.99

Last but no least is My Essie one. I had to put one pink one in. This shade is beautiful and so me. Its called Snap Happy I'm not to sure on the price but you can get Essie from any Drugstores.

Hope you have all enjoyed reading my first post of getting ready for spring. Let me know what you think. What's your Favorite Spring/Summer polish 



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  2. Amazing colours! My fav is the blue one - so prettyyy! :))

  3. I love the MUA polishes, although they are a little thin and take some layering they last well and are lovely colours! I recently got a grey-ish colour called "Koala Bear" I mean for starters, how CUTE is the name? plus its such a lovely grey!