Thursday, 26 December 2013

What I got for Christmas//2013//

Hey honeys hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Todays post is going to be one of my favourite posts to read What i got for Christmas/ I'm just going to put a little disclaimer out there because i know some people think that your bragging and get offended. I know I'm very lucky to receive the gifts and I'm so grateful for everything that I got. So lets get to the exciting part.


This year i received A radox bath set which is so cute. It comes with a shower gel and a bubble bath crème and two tea lights.  The next thing i got was a Soap&Glory set which includes a shrub hand food shower gel and a body puff. So lovely. My final gift set is the Simple set which i get every year without fail and i love it . It comes with this cute bad and the contents are a pack of face  wipes and a moisturiser.  

Make Up  
I'm going to start with my Naked 2 as i got that a month before Christmas. I was looking on line and i was going to buy myself it but my mum wanted to for my Christmas. And she let me use it as she new how much i wanted it. It defiantly hasn't disappointed and it's the only eye-shadow i use. The next product is The seventeen lip crayons i had hinted that i wanted it and was so happy when i opened them. I used one on Christmas day and they are so pigmented. The next thing is a present from my sister And its the real techniques core collection brush set. My final Make Up product A philosophy gift set. it comes with a lipstick eye-liner and a powder its so pretty. I am defiantly going to review all these products in the New year 

I got the Cher Lloyd one because i had it before and i loved it and it's so cheap. My next one is one that i have been after  for a while and its the Nicki  Minaj pink Friday. it smells incredible and the bottle is amazing 
This was a massive surprise. But a very nice one. I'm obsessed with candles and love YANKEE ones but the big ones are out of my price range. i just get the smaller ones. The smell is incredible and i love how you can use it any-time of year. 

I got the Cheryl book. I've wanted it for a while but never got it. I was very happy when i opened it up. Can't wait to start reading it. The Demi book is a staying strong book it has a goal to do each day. I'm looking forward in stating it.

Kindle fire HD 
My big present this year was my Kindle fire HD and I absolutely love it. Yet again this was a early Christmas present and i have been using it everyday since i got it.

This was in my stocking. So adorable. It's a little owl trinklet. 

I Hope you've enjoyed this post. I know i have been a very lucky girl this year.
What did you get 


  1. Thank you darling. Merry Christmas to you too and happy new year xx

  2. Lovely Gifts I received Yankee candles too.

    New follower

    Carrieanne x

  3. Thank you honey. Aww I Love my YANKEE'S :)

  4. Great haul <3 I love the Naked palletes!

    1. Thank you honey. I know there amazing

  5. Love Simple! Great gifts. This year I was overwhelmed with a new camera and goodies to go with. Very exciting for the new website!

  6. Thanks honey. ooo lovely gifts honey