Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Chirstmas Tag

Hey my lovelies I'm back today with a tag that I've seen floating around the blogger world and I thought I would do it. I haven't been tagged by anyone.

  1) What is your favourite Christmas  song
I think it has to be The pouges ft kirsty mcall. Fairy tale of New York. it's an incredible song and it isn't Christmas until I hear it.
2) What is your favourite festive drink ?
I don't like coffee or any of the drinks from starbucks so I think it has to be the typical hot chocolate with all the trimmings. Always does wonders on a cold day
3) Do you have a favourite Christmas film ?
I love the Grinch it's so funny and I laugh all the way through it. In a weird way the Grinch is pretty sweet.
4) What is at the top of your Christmas wishlist this year
It was the urban decay naked 2 and my mum brought me that as an early present. So it will have to be perfume.
5) What is your favourite Make-up look or nail art ?
It defiantly has to be Smokey eyes and bold lips such a classic look.
6) What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time? (LBD, Christmas jumper,PJ'S )
PJ'S in the morning and I usually dress up for dinner.
7) Would you play out in the snow or enjoy it from the inside with the fire and a cuppa
Defiantly  enjoy it from the inside I can't think of anything worse then getting cold and wet for no reason.
8) Wrapping presents- love or loathe
I love wrapping presents and making them look all pretty.
9) What is your favourite Christmassy food
It defiantly has to be the Christmas dinner. I'm hungry by just thinking about it
10) What is your favourite thing about Christmas
It has to be spending time with family having a laugh. And putting the Christmas decorations up and eating loads.
Really enjoyed doing this post. I TAG anyone who wants to do it


  1. Ah this is such a cute tag! I love wrapping pressies too - one of my fave things to do at christmas!

    xxx | PixiRella

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.