Saturday, 7 December 2013

M.A.C Face & Body foundation// Review

Hey my lovelies. I'm totally failing at blogmas so i just thought i would put posts up when i can. I'm still going to carry on but i might miss some days like i have already. I have a couple of guest posters coming up so that's exciting. So today's post is a Review on my new M.AC face & body foundation. It's still pretty new but i have used it quite a lot.

It was payday so i thought i would treat myself to a foundation that i have been after for quite a bit. It was 21.50 so quite pricey. I was really excited to use it and thought it was going to be amazing. I'm not to keen on it. It's light coverage and i find it drys my skin out.  I thought that i would be able to build the coverage up but it don't look to pretty when i do that. I do mix another foundation with it so it gives me the coverage i need. I was really after the flawless look. I think i may have got the wrong shade as its pretty light on me. For £21.50 i was expecting a lot more. I find it quite messy to get out of the bottle and it comes out so fast that i end up wasting quite a bit of the product. And it broke me out as-well. I will use the rest of it but i won't be repurchasing it again. Such a shame. I have herd mixed reviews on it but i thought i would give it ago.  If you're looking at buying it i defiantly recommend you do because it could be totally different for you.


  1. Helpful review, thank you! :)

    1. No problem honey. Thank your for taking time and reading it.

  2. Such a same it comes out fast and can get wasted! And for such a price! Nice review, very useful!! :)
    Nice blog, too! <3 Follow for follow? xoxo