Thursday, 7 November 2013

A/W beauty tag

Hey lovelies today i'm back with a tag. I haven't done one of these in ages. When India from ( ) made her own one up i really wanted to do it. I love her blog and she's a really lovely girl. Lets get onto the questions.

 (Q) What is your current go to foundation for A/W 13 ?
 (A) It would have to be my collection 2000 lasting perfection ultimate wear foundation.Because it gives amazing coverage and it lasts all day.

(Q) What is your favorite lip balm for winter.
(A) It defiantly has to be my Babylips because it gives color to my lips but also moisturizes them.

Q) If you had to choose one lipstick shade all winter. What would it be.
(A) This is a real hard one for me because A/W shades are my favorite. But i think it has to be my MUA one in shade 12 which is a deep plum color.

(Q) Describe your mot worn winter make up look.
(A) My look completely changes i go from dark smokey eyes and heavy contoured cheeks to bright deep lips.I love A/W makeup because i think you can get away with abit more

(Q) What beauty product would you like to try next
(A) I think it would have to be a Tom Ford lipstick. there abit pricey so will defiantly have to save my pennies

(Q) What are your favorite products in your current skincare routine.
(A) It's got to be my simple products. It refreshes my skin and also keeps it well moisturized during the cold seasons

(Q) What is your favorite winter scent.
(A) It has defiantly got to be Honey by Marc Jacobs. It's beautiful. It's sweet but subtle which i love.

Hope you've enjoyed this post


  1. I'd love to try a Tom ford lipstick too! They're so gorgeous aren't they?! Xxx

  2. I would love Honey by Marc Jacobs. Maybe I'll get myself a Christmas present. Ha ha. Xx